Download With Internet Download Manager (Idm) Extension, How To Add Idm To Chrome

Internet download manager,or IDM as many of us call it, has been around for a long time. It is one ofthebest download managersfor Windows operating system users that isavailable out there.

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The default download managers of browserslikeGoogle Chrome,Firefox,Microsoft Edge, etc.don”tprovide you the maximum possible download speed due to reasons like the lack ofmultiple download bands, connection restrictions, and so on.

On the other hand, Internet downloadManager can accelerate the slow downloading speeds by providing the maximumpossible download speed, up-to 5 times, on your Internet. Internet downloadmanager also lets you resume downloads if downloads are interrupted or youintentionally stopped them.

GoogleChromecan transfer downloads to IDM directly, without the need toopen Internet download manager manually, with the help of what”s calledIDMIntegration module extensionorIDM Chrome Extension.

In this article, we will walk you throughthe methods that help youadd IDM extension in Chromebyinstalling fromIDM integration module chrome web store.

Let us get Started.

What is IDM Integration Module Extension?

IDM Integration Module Extensionis a IDM Extension for Chrome thatdirectly transfer downloads from Google Chrome to Internet Download Manager forany files or entire webpages.IDM Google Chrome extensioncanlet you download videos from several video hosting websites such asYouTube,Vimeo,Wistia,Brightcoveas well.

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How to Add Chrome to “CaptureDownloads from the following Browsers” List

Before you move into the methods toaddIDM extensionin Chrome, make sure to check the settings of IDM toensure that Chrome is on the list of “Capture Downloads from thefollowing Browsers“setting in IDM. IDM will not capturedownloads from Chrome if it is not on “Capture Downloads from thefollowing Browserslist. Follow the steps shown below tocheck:

1.Open IDM.

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2.Head toOptionsandclickGeneralTab. Check list of browsers with which the IDMintegration module is enabled inCapture downloads from the followingbrowsersfield.


3.If you cannotfind Google Chrome on the list for any reason whatsoever, click onAddBrowserand locate Google Chrome executable file to integrate it withthe web browser.

Do not forget to tick the box whichsaysUse advanced browser integration.If IDM is not alsocapturing downloads in other browsers such asSafari,Firefox, etc.,this method will help you enable IDM integration module for them as well.

How to Add IDM Extension in Chrome?

Method 1:Automatic Installation ofIDM extension

When you first install IDM, version 6.33or latest versions, a pop-up notification is shown in Google chrome thatinforms youIDM Integration module chromefor Google chrome isautomatically added. Hence, you need to make sure your IDM is up-to date byfollowing the steps shown below:


2.Then, clickonHelptab.

3.Finally,click onCheck for Updates.

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If the IDM version you are using is notup to date, IDM will immediately start downloading the latest version of IDMfrom the official website. After updating IDM to version 6.33 or later, IDMwill automatically installIDM integration module Chromeinchrome web browser.