Công Ty Cổ Phần Tư Vấn Đầu Tư Kim An Group, Kim An Group

Established in 2013, Kim An is a fintech platform that bridges the gap between institutional funding and micro, small & medium businesses (MSME)

Powered by our data center of over 1 million+ Vietnam household enterprises, Kim An brings financial inclusion to under-served businesses through extensive partnerships with financial institutions in sale, credit scoring and technology

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“When I wanted to purchase a large volume of inventory for higher commission, I contacted Kim An and was consulted enthusiastically with simple documents and quick disbursement. Kim An staffs were nice”

“I own a restaurant and need the money for appliances and other equipment. I contacted Kim An and was supported very friendly and quickly. Thus, I have the cash for working capital during the difficult time”

“I was consulted by Kim An sale staff. I thought Kim An product was very flexible and the interest was suitable for my business, so I applied for the loan to purchase more inventory and buy things for my family”

Core banking optimized for MSMEs

Our system provides flexible & customized booking for repayment at daily, weekly & monthly interval that matches the business cash flow

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App-based operations to ensure scalability and efficiency

All key functions in sale, credit scoring and loan management are performed in apps that provide real-time data for credit decision with FIs

APIs platform to integrate with e-commerce, e-wallet and SAAS

We provide tailored technology and products to support the growth of merchants and transactions in the emerging online market

Kim An & Investment opportunities in Financial Inclusion

This webinar will explore how funds can support social entrepreneurs supporting financial inclusion in Asia

Why We Invested in Kim An

Kim An has a proven product, and we know that there’s massive demand in the market. The only question is can they scale up to meet that demand? We absolutely believe they can. One part of this is…

50 rising startups in Southeast Asia

Which are the startups that are on the path to becoming the next big thing? One way to tell would be when they’ve raised a new round, though funding isn’t the full story. Using Tech in Asia’s data,…

Patamar Capital leads Kim An funding

Vietnamese fintech startup Kim An Investment Consulting JSC has raised a Series A investment led by Patamar Capital, while insurtech company Descartes Underwriting is planning an Asia expansion after an $18.5 million Series A round.

3 quỹ đầu tư rót vốn vào fintech Kim An

Ba quỹ đầu tư gồm Patamar Capital, Viet Capital Ventures và East Ventures công bố rót vốn vào Kim An – một công ty công nghệ tài chính cung cấp dịch vụ tín dụng hướng đến khách hàng…

Kim An nỗ lực kết nối, phủ sóng tài chính vi mô

Trong số những đối tác của các NHTM và công ty tài chính, hiện nay, CTCP Tư vấn Đầu tư Kim An (Kim An Group) đang nổi lên như một đơn vị có quy mô hoạt động khá…

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Fulbright Venture Fellows Program

We are a partner organization to provide internships for Fulbright students that help cultivate the next generation of entrepreneurial leaders in Vietnam.

HBS Field Global Immerssion

We hosted MBA candidates in the on-field project to explore the intersection of finance, technology and micro-business in Ho Chi Minh city.