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I have been a fan of Yes I”m a Designer on Youtube for two years and taking their course has made me like them even more…

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Tried many but this program is way above the rest. Excellent delivery, clear and will certainly inspire and equip you to be better in the world of graphic design.


It is the Illustrator MasterClass with more than 130.000 students worldwide (including Marketplaces and Universities)


I”m working on a big one, a complete Design Theory Course. There are some teasers already available.

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If you”d like to, you can also subscribe to the waitlist below.


In this tutorial, I am going to walk through all the different features etc between Photoshop CS6 and Photoshop CC 2015. 

It will be useful to watch the entire video for anyone still using Photoshop CS6 or older versions and wondering whether it is time to upgrade and also for those who are already using Photoshop CC 2015 but never had time to go through the new features released since CS6.Instead of a detailed feature tour I decided to go through everything quickly covering each new feature in less than 15 seconds. To make it easier to navigate within the video I included a list of the features below in the order they appear in the video. Although this list is very detailed it is still not extensive as there are many minor changes to preferences and the user interface that I won’t be covering in this video.

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New features mentioned in the video in order of appearance:

Photography and Retouching category:

Perspective Warp 0:30Healing Brush real-time feedback 0:40Focus Area selection 0:52Color blending for Content-Aware features 1:07Camera Shake Reduction 1:37All-new Smart Sharpen 1:50Auto-fill edges in Photomerge 2:10Content-Aware Move improvements 2:30Image resizing with Preserve Details 2:47Path Blur and Spin Blur 3:01Blur Gallery, Liquify as Smart filters 3:15Restore noise in blurred areas for Blur Gallery 3:29Camera Raw as Smart filter 3:47Camera RAW Dehaze 4:02Camera Raw Spot Removal improvement 4:13Camera Raw Radial filter 4:31Camera Raw Upright 4:44Camera Raw Auto-straightening 4:55Camera RAW Panorama Merge 5:05Camera RAW HDR Merge 5:27

General category:

Faster Performance 5:41Behance integration and ProSite 6:07Sync Settings 6:42Save Recovery preference under File Handling 7:00Layer Group update 7:16Adjustments can be used as Smart Filters 7:33Save in Background 7:58Single click unlocks Background layer 8:19Conditional Actions 8:28

Design category:

Improved Layer Styles 8:50Adobe Stock 9:19Adobe Color Themes panel 10:26Creative Cloud Libraries 10:43Live Shape Properties 11:10Improved Smart Guides 11:39Guide Layout and Guides From Shape 11:54Filtering options for Layers 12:29Linked Smart Objects and Linked Assets 13:03Package 14:11Design Space (Technology Preview) 14:42Layer Comp improvements 15:08

Web and Mobile Devices category:

Generator 15:52Multiple files saved from same Layer or Layer Group 16:25Subfolders created by Generator 17:25New Export option 18:13Generate CSS from layers 18:46Adobe Edge Reflow integration 19:06Artboards 19:48Device Preview panel and Adobe Preview CC companion app 20:38

Typography category:

Typekit integration 21:46Smarter font search 22:20Character and Paragraph styles 22:42Commit typing with Esc key 23:00Glyph panel 23:26

3D category:

Photoshop CS6 Extended features included 23:47Improved 3D Scene panel 24:213D printing 24:41Export 3D layers as Interactive PDFs 25:14Automatically generated Bump Maps and Normal Maps 26:11

Let me know which are your favourite new features and what would you like to see added as a new feature in a future update. Sign up for my newsletter at the bottom of this page or follow me on Twitter or Facebook.